The circular economy is one of those business phrases that is so de rigeur that you wonder if, like fashion, it really has staying power. But dig deeper than the buzzword and it is clear that the circular economy is a concept that is ahead of its time and will be key to the long term success of any production based business.

The logic behind circular thinking is that as key minerals, metals and other resources become ever more rare and markets become more volatile, it will benefit business greatly if they design their products in such a way that the materials in them can be recovered and reused.

In this video, Judith Sykes and Mark Shayler of Useful Simple Projects describe the work they are doing with organisations such as Samsung and Proctor and Gamble to look at material recovery and service models that support circular design solutions. It is a good overview of what needs to be done if the circular economy is to become a reality, and it is just this kind of in-depth work that is needed in order to turn circular economy from idea to reality.